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I continue to work with people from every walk of life; teachers, electricians, plumbers, beauticians, service-personnel, musicians, IT consultants, business leaders, housewives, nurses - the list goes on. At some point we all need help.  When you decide you do, then make the correct choice and work with me to help you to help yourself.



Registered with The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council



Welcome to Hypnotherapy4me


What is your Problem?


Tired of being afraid and not knowing why?

Want more from your life but feel like a failure?

Fed up with your weight and shape?

Tired of being a pessimist and not knowing how to change?


What is the Solution for you?


A multi-layered approach taking into account your beliefs (especially the hidden ones), your values (are they really yours?) your fears, your past, your life goals and, your triumphs.


  • Start with an honest look at your life.

  • Accept that you are ready to take charge of your life.

  • Decide that you are going to change things NOW.

  • Let me help you recognise your talents and create your new life.

  • Learn how to listen to your emotional guidance system.

  • Develop a true sense of awareness, about who you are.

  • Trust yourself and become totally self-confident.

  • Beat the addiction trap and literally break free.

  • Create the life you want to lead and then live it happily.


Based near High Wycombe Buckinhgamshire, I am an intuitive hynotherapist with a proven track record of helping people to overcome their problems, whatever form they take. My unique approach is holistic, integrating a blend of NLP Coaching, Hypnosis, Nutrition, Meditation and contemporary philosophy.  


My philosophy is simple, life is a balance that depends on the belief that we are responsible for our life and, we create our life through our thoughts.

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