Weight 'loss' Coaching

By Paul Craft, Feb 2 2016 07:24PM

One of the very first things you must understand is that there is no such thing as weight loss! Just think about the word loss for a minute... you lose something, you nearly always want to find it again. You suffer a loss, you grieve. You find yourself out in the woods lost, you really need to find your way home.

Now think about the messages you are giving to your subconscious mind when you say I need to Lose Weight!! Talk about confused. Changing your weight is about maintenance, control and management. In the initial stages of our work together we will change your self-talk so that your subconsious mind knows that you are beginning a lifestyle change based around releasing unwanted, unnecessary, unhelpful and even damaging old, and outdated habits, behaviour, conditionings and 'programmes'.

Release the weight and the emotional baggage that comes with it!
Release the weight and the emotional baggage that comes with it!

Hypnosis is not a fire and forget treatment. It requires aftercare, support, monitoring and mentoring. Without the full package you are likley to think its just another weight loss program. Thismeans you will inevitably find all the excess fat that you lose. At Hypnotherapy4me we make the changes you need to make your success permanent.

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