By Paul Craft, Mar 13 2016 01:07AM

If we look at ourselves for one moment as nothing more than an organism, we find some startling results. The human organism seeks only to exist and, so long as it is doing so, it is happy. This means that anything new - experience or information - is first percieved as a threat. The organism must validate the experience or information from its current understanding. During this period defence mechanisms automatically response by putting the organism on high alert. This normally means increased adrenaline and a readiness to flea or fight.

Most people understand this as the fight or flight stage. But little probably realise that during this stage less energy is available for the brain's higher functions of logic and analysis - most of the energy is being consumed by the body. Change is a threat. So long as the judgement and critical faculties of the mind are operating all change is initially seen as a threat to existence.

Hypnotherapy for change is the process by which the organism can consider change as beneficial instead of threatening. With conscious filters aside the sunbconscious mind is accessed and the change can be implemented easily. Highly hypnotiseable people can in this way develop surreal abilities instantaneously. The stage show can often make a mockery of this change process, when the reality is that amazing resolutions occur. Lifetimes of issues can be resolved permanently and rapidly. Hypnotherapy for change is statistically one of the most successful treatments (if not the most successful) available. You may not have a problem that you need to be resolved, but are you all that you can be? Or would you benefit from uncovering a whole new skillset to increase your abundance and happiness?

By Paul Craft, Feb 11 2016 12:05AM

There is an animating force behind all that is. It is present in all matter, not that matter exists as such. But for each particle to have life or simply exist there must be a basic level of awareness attached to that existence. There must in fact be a basic level of consciousness present. This consciousness is the facilitator of existence. It is the interface with that animating force.

Without this basic essence nothing would exist. Nothing would form, coalesce, BE. Matter, or more precisely consciousness in manifest form cannot exist in isolation. It is not and never has been inanimate. It is animate. Very animate. All manifestations of consciousness, whether mineral, plant or animal are conscious at a primordial level. The very ability of an atom to bond and share information with other atoms is dependent on its own consciousness and not simply random chemical transfer. Many great minds throughout human history have concluded that there is design behind life and today whilst sitting and musing I came to the same conclusion.

It's not a search I’ve been consciously making — to find the underlying answer to all life — actually having heard those words in my mind as I typed them I realise that the statement is profoundly untrue. I have for a very long time been searching for the answer to that very question; I just didn’t really know it. Until now! So what do you call the designer that both is the consciousness of all things as well as the animator of the same? No word I can come up with could ever provide meaning for the intelligence behind all life. We first have to accept what life is. That everything that is, is already conscious and is therefore alive. And this means manifest or unmanifest. It means the rock, the grain of sand, the twig, the discarded nail clipping. Science, as limited as it is, tells us that when viewed as close as technically possible the atom is 99.99% space. Each atom is a vortex of energy. Each vortex vibrates at frequencies that determine the ‘material’ nature of those atoms when combined, or more accurately when acting in unison.

Cells seek out other cells and form organisms; adapting their structure for the greater good of that organism. What causes this if not an underlying design, principle or conscious intelligence. The cells themselves have no instinct, intellect or intuition. There must then be a greater power at work? So, back to what to call it. In my own desire to find words that create more acceptance I am unwilling to be biblical. No for me, it is this:

The Life. It is the All-Knowing Presence and Awareness of the Eternal and Infinite Energy of Creation. It is The Pure Source, from which all things came. It is the word, the highest vibration, the highest frequency, the purest energy. It is The Love, it is The Light. It is the Purest inspiration behind every ideology and religion. It is the inescapable Truth at the centre of each being. All that is is The Life. In all things is The Life. There is nothing but the Infinite expression of The Life. There are no exceptions. Belief in The Life is the Highest expression of The Life. Non-Belief in The Life is still the highest expression of and in Itself, The Life.

The Life is a dance of energies so unfathomable that we have no conceptual framework in which to place understandings of it in. If we converted what we know aboutThe Life into time, it would represent 1 second in a trillion years. This is not to say that what we know is not awesome, or beautiful or any less mind bobbling. I am just saying that humility forces us to reconsider what and who we are in the face of The Life. Within It’s incredible energies is the Force that animates Its own consciousness. That is to say that even as we are human, alive and conscious, there is yet a greater level of animated consciousness that is our birthright.

The true Saints, Mystics, Sages and greatest minds have been animated by this highest principle of The Life. They have shaped the world in many ways. Each shaping always within the reach of a few, so that eventually the many can grow and spread their consciousness to encapsulate this new coding. And even as this occurs, more leaps, greater steps of awareness are made. We are entered into the age of intuition. Where there are many, not waiting for the proof of this or that. Not waiting for science to prove things that have always intuitively been right. No, now is the time to accept that we are entered into a new age, where information arrives from sources unexpected. And when it arrives it comes with a natural and easy feeling of Truth. This is the Age of intuitive intelligence. The time to accept that The Life is at work guiding all thought and ambition to a single goal. The expression of infinity. And of course there is no limit to infinity, to the potential for more Life in all its colours, flavours, loves and flaws. It is a gift this Life. It is an experience in time and space that is to be loved in all its expressions. Life is perfect, and to this there are no exceptions.

By Paul Craft, Feb 10 2016 09:48AM

When are you not hypnotised?

In developing the skills of hypnotism I awoke to the reality that we are all already hypnotised. We hypnotists, tell you clients that hypnosis is that natural state that you enter into regularly throughout the day. In those moments when you are lost in thought - hypnotised - in that moment in the car when you just realized you can't remember the last 2 miles - hypnotised - when you sit with a coffee and reach for a biscuit and realise that you have already, blindly eaten the last 3 - yep.... hypnotised!

But it is much more than this. The clothes you buy, are bought because of the influences your subconscious mind is subjected to daily, the shampoo you use, your deodorant, perfume, food, car, hairstyle, holidays, favourite TV show, newspaper, books, the list goes on and, on and, on....... There really is nothing that you do that has not already been influenced by someone, something, sometime.

In any given moment your mind is filtering your experience through a belief system that has been imposed upon you. I'm not judging those that do this, for it is our very human nature that makes this so. No, I am stating what is known by a few and understood by even less. If you have watched the Paul Mckenna's and David Blaine's, the Derren Brown's, and sat slack-jawed in awe of the stupidity of some, the weakness of others and the ease with which the performer turns you, Joe Public, into something so completely unexpected, if you have done this and wondered how, how is it possible, then there exists in you that faint recognition that it is already happening! That life is a dream, over which you have little no control. You just think that you do.

No, I'm afraid you are never not hypnotised. If you were, if you were a free agent, to make choices and do whatever your wanted to, then you wouldn't live the way you do. And you wouldn't live the life you currently think you are living. No, there exists in us all two versions of the self. The authentic real you, free from judgement, prejudice, greed, hate, and fear. And then there is the imposter. A version that is constructed from the opinions, beliefs, programmes and conditions of society, family, school, et al. When I was learning to be a hypnotist I began to awake. I occasionally find myself being pulled back to sleep, but most days now, I awaken a little more. I undo a little more mischief that the imposter has done and I allow my authentic Being time to exist, to be happy and be myself.

By Paul Craft, Feb 3 2016 02:34PM

What is Mindfulness? Here's an excerpt from my latest workshop...

'A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.'

It is just about awareness. It is quite simply the practice of being aware in every possible moment, while leaving judgment out of your awareness! At the same time you observe (so remain aware) of your own emotional and physical responses. Sounds so easy and yet people spend lifetimes attempting to master it.

Much of what I have already written has pointed to ways and means to enter into or arrive at awareness. Start with this question, "what am I thinking?" Then take a deep breath and just see what is going around your mind. Check to see if its useful. Does it feel good to think the way you do? Don't judge, be dispassionate, accept what you find there. Remember that it is your thoughts that generate your emotions. This really is very important to grasp.

Don't be a slave to your thoughts because you are then a prisoner to your body and have no control over your life. This is the tragedy of the human condition. This is being a sleep walker.

Mindfulness is a distilled form of eastern meditation. It is holistic. You cannot focus on the mind body connection without considering consciousness also. Consciousness is the spirit, it is the essence of who you are, who you were and who you are supposed to be.

We are born free spirits. We are then made into something that fits into society. Ask yourself this question 'who would you be if you were born in Palestine or Syria?'. Just think how different your life would be simply because of the geographic location and time period.

We are made into what we are. This is not who we naturally are. Awareness is the most profound tool for uncovering your true nature and controlling you own destiny. It is the way to wake up and BE.

So today juts reflect on this in your quiet moments. Or make time to be aware of what you think this means to you.

By Paul Craft, Feb 3 2016 02:18PM

The Subconscious Mind.

The subconscious mind controls and regulates all of the automatic functions of the body; breathing, cardiovascular activity, temperature, cell replenishment and self-healing (to name but a few) and it does so without the knowledge of the conscious mind. One of the primary functions of the subconscious is Protection. and it protects by repressing memories and developing responses to external stimuli, for instance a boost of adrenalin are afraid or ready for an argument. It is this protection mechanism that can lead to the development of unhelpful habits, OCD, Phobias, anxiety and panic, depression and pessimistic behaviour. This list is almost unending. Many people find these problems very debilitating and painful. Difficult to understand? Consider that the conscious mind can process roughly 40 bits of data per second; however, the subconscious mind can, and does, routinely process 4 billion bits of data in the same period. Imagine what it would be like to transcend the limits of your conscious mind and have all the power of YOU available!?

I treat all symptoms as either emotional or physical pain and the primary aim of therapy is to provide immediate relief from this pain. Then through a holistic approach we will aim to resolve the presenting problem and build new behaviour and habits. This is most successful when we work at the conscious and subconscious levels, identifying all the processes involved or at work in the problem. Ultimately we all have the skills and resources to effect our own positive change; my aim is to help you understand this through my intuitive grasp of hypnotic talents and skills.

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